De aquí a la veleta is structured in several sections but is played without interruption. The piece is divided into 8 parts: Hoquetus de Limón, Misión Mosquito, Despierta John, Sol, tolok y sombra, Atardecer, Jardín de Noche and Hormiga Lane.

The music of De aquí a la veleta is born from a simple germinal motif, which, as a guiding thread, is spinned, rotated, grown and divided in a different way to plague the melodic, rhythmic and spectral substrate of each section. From such a combinatory results a kaleidoscope of clearly differentiated periods that contrast and present to the opening material under veiled modal formations or, in pentatonic superimpositions of varying luminosity; these generate chiaroscuro and structural cadences that articulate and formally balance the work.

De aquí a la veleta was written on a commission from the Academia de Música del Palacio de Minería for the Orquesta Sinfónica de Minería and received its premiere in 2013, conducted by Jose Areán, in celebration of the thirty-fifth anniversary of this institution.

De aqui a la veleta

Full score and performance materials available on request