Geometría Folíada (2009)

Wishing to escape the preconceived idea of a concerto, in Geometría Foliada (Foliated geometry) I chose to experiment with autonomous episodes, or folios, within which I could, on the one hand, present a soloist string quartet as the main protagonist, and on the other, explore a number of musical interests that attracted me then.

The first, De mis días en el Campo (Of my days in the countryside) is sustained on a restless melody led by the quartet that gradually spreads through the orchestra, in a kind of imaginary folklore. In opposite manner, in Otoño Pentagonal (Otoño Pentagonal), the material of the opening clarinet’s solo is passed on to the quartet and the orchestra, only to eventually dissolve into a spectral cascade on the harmonics of a pivot E. Puntos en eje (Points in Axis), the third folio, plays with the oscillation that results from expanding and contracting rhythmic motifs, articulated by pizzicatti in soloists, strings and harp. The fourth movement, Un primer hola para un ultimo adios (A first hello for a final farewell), frames extended cadences for each member of the quartet. Finally, Memorias futuras (Future Memories), presents the quartet in the light of spikey orchestral episodes, as a depiction of fleeting memories, somewhere between the past and the future. Whilst each episode retains its own identity, they all employ superimposed pentatonic modes that rotate and are transformed geometrically from a starting axis note. This simple device, common to all, determines the structure of the piece as a whole.

I composed the first version of Geometría Foliada in 1993 to celebrate the Cuarteto Latinoamericano’s 20th anniversary, thanks to a commission from the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (INBA). Later on, in 2009, I added an extra movement, which was commissioned by the Festival de Música de Morelia (FMM).

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