Percussion presents us with the broadest spectrum in the instrumental sound palette. At its most organic, percussion conjures up the sonic granularity that permanently embraces the space around us. At another end, closer to the instrumental gesture itself, we often associate percussion with ritual, rhythm and the cyclic pulsation of our hearts; a vital sign of the inevitable passage of time. 

In Metal de tréboles (Metal of clovers), I wanted to create timbral combinations and instrumental gestures that would lie within this vast panorama, articulating a suggestive musical discourse capable of sustaining the tension that arises when transiting between one end and the other, that is to say, between non-cyclic abstract textures reminiscent of nature and gestures closer to musical pulse. As a result, in this piece I ask the musicians to explore alternative ways of playing their instruments as well as more ubiquitous performance modes, closer to the rhythmc articulations that characterize traditional music. Hopefully this plurality of means helps to establish meaningful relationships between the various moments and to structure the piece in the listeners' mind.

The title, an oxymoron, partly suggests this dichotomy but also alludes to the harmonic organization of the work, where numerous pentatonic formations unfold and combine as if they were leaves of a bouquet of clovers. The meeting of these seemingly disparate elements seeks to illustrate the ludic spirit that informs my current work. 

Metal de tréboles-(score preview)

full score and parts available on request

Performed by Tambuco and Orquesta Filarmónica de Jalisco (excerpt)

Conducted by Marco Parisotto