“...The image of the sky is always virtual; we do not see space but time; events vanish in the place that gave them birth though they still exist in space...”. (Camille Flammarion, french astronomer)

This piece is my contribution to a collaborative project with visual artist Gerardo Suter. Like him, I have always been interested in the concepts of space and time, and our common concerns found a meeting point in a visual and sonic experiment which we titled Dispersiones. Our project consisted in an immersive installation piece that brought together music distributed via a 5:1 system along with reflected light and videos derived from photographic records of the skies in Oaxaca. Dispersiones was created on a 2015 commission from Instrumenta Oaxaca with generous support from the Centro de las Artes de San Agustín (CaSa).

                                                                  photo credit: Gerardo Suter

Observatorio (soundtrack)